Blog on the Block

A census of local voices from urban spaces.

Blog on the Block was conceived on the balcony of David Goodwin’s north west London flat.

It dawned on him to start a blog to capture the huge London regeneration happening around him. In observing these changes David has written about both the good and bad aspects from gentrification to job-creation.

From grassroots to national organisations, Blog on the Block’s diverse content ranges from fly-tip reporting to organising briefing sessions for residents on behalf of L.O.C.O.G.

At the heart of Blog on the Block is community and it has addressed local people’s needs to reach each other. Residents and local businesses have contributed hundreds of posts and comments to date.

When David Goodwin’s not writing, he works as a freelance User Experience Consultant. He helps top FTSE 100 companies and SME’s to be humankind and ensure people are at the centre of their products.

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